UN People’s Seat

Online Campaign Film

Advertising Agency: Grey London
Creatives: Henrik Ridderheim, Jonathan Marlow, Sabine Stromsky, Oscar Muller

Production Company: Town Productions (Greyworks)
Executive Producer: Callum Johnston
Producer: Dee Meaden, Karan Chhatwal, Rosa Junkovic
Director: Henrik Ridderheim
Editor: Michele DiFrancesco, Matt Newman
DoP: Felix Schmilinsky
Studio Shoot: Chris Clarke

The UN wanted to engage 16 – 24 year olds with the Climate Change Conference where politicians were poised to make possibly the most important decision in the history of our planet.
The People’s Seat. The first seat in UN history not representing a nation, but the World’s people. It gave regular people all over the world a voice at the summit. For the first time, ordinary people could speak directly to the decision makers. Sir David Attenborough invited social media users of the world to send their messages, experiences, hopes, fears and ideas.
This data shaped a landmark speech, which he delivered in person to the UN.

1.3 Billion people reached worldwide.
19 Million watched on Facebook & Facebook Live.
A historic climate change agreement was signed.

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