Meet Jackson and Hunter. It’s the year 1973 and those two troublemakers are about to embark on a mad and funky journey, igniting a fight to save Humanity from a dark project.

Fhat ‘Packin’

Music Video

Director: Marta Brodacka
Producer: Rosie Brear
Director of Photography: Felix Schmilinsky
Colourist: Vlad Barin @ CHEAT
Focus Puller: Raul Menendez
Gaffer: Will Churchill
Hair & Makeup: Grace Maria Ellington
Production Assistant: Anna Audrien

Cast: Aaron Pfeiffer, Sedric Perry, Kamil Lemieszewski, Sarah Hare, Raymond Wade

Shot on Kodak 7219 16mm film.
Thanks to the kind support of Kodak Motion Picture Film Pinewood, Digital Orchard and Four Corners.

© 2021 – All copyrights reserved. Felix Schmilinsky.